Adding Photos to Funeral Order of Service Booklets

One of the most important decisions you’ll make when creating a funeral order of service booklet to honour someone dear concerns the choice of images, we would therefore like to offer some advice on choosing and adding photos to funeral order of service booklets.

When selecting a funeral order of service template from our range of classic designs, you’ll notice that several feature a neutral image, such as a rose, on the front cover. They’re ideal when you want to create a beautiful booklet but don’t have a good photo of the deceased (which could easily be the case if the individual was camera-shy). They’re also helpful if your grief is particularly raw and you, therefore, feel that avoiding personal pictures is less upsetting.

Alternatively, you may want to use photos of your loved one on the cover and/or inside the booklet, because they can bring great comfort. That’s why we also offer order of service funeral templates that are perfect for showcasing your own precious images. There are plenty of covers suitable for personal photos and plenty of photo page layouts to choose from.

Highlighting Key Moments in Their Life

Selecting personal photos for funeral order of service booklets can be cathartic (like selecting items for a memory box). ‘Looking through them […] sparks memories of the deceased, reignites old stories and connects you with the person you are missing,’ remarks The Irish News.

You may like to spend an afternoon perusing photo albums and digital images. You’re bound to find pictures that highlight your lost loved one’s achievements and interests, as well as the most significant events in their life.

Adding your favourite photos to the order of service funeral booklet helps to ensure this key item of UK funeral stationery has lasting significance.

Your Photos Don’t Need to Be Perfect

Please don’t think the photos you choose need to be pin-sharp images or the work of a professional photographer. Most ordinary photos will work well for funeral order of service booklets, provided they’re not blurry or poorly lit. You can use black and white images, as well as colour ones.

Vintage photos may show signs of age, such as fading or creases, but they’ll still enhance the funeral stationery you design using our templates. Old photos bring charm and a sense of the passage of time to funeral order of service booklets. You can scan them into your computer or photograph them with your smartphone’s camera so they’re ready to add to the templates.

Something else that should help to put your mind at ease is the fact we print all booklets on high-quality, pristine white card and paper. You can therefore be confident that your funeral stationery will do justice to your treasured personal photos, and you won’t see a yellowish tinge showing through them.

Avoid Compressed Images

Proceed with caution if you’re thinking of downloading photos from social media websites to add to your booklets. They’re likely to be compressed, which results in a loss of clarity, especially when printed. Try to obtain the originals from friends and family instead.

Add as Many Photos as You Wish

You could create a folder on your computer to keep your chosen photos in, so you have them to hand when you start using our funeral template editor (editing is simple, as you can see from our help videos). When you’ve uploaded a photo to the editor, you can add it to the booklet. You’ll be able to crop it and change its position within the picture frame, so that it looks exactly how you want it.

Add as many photos as you wish to your chosen funeral order of service template. There’s space for a photo on the front cover and another on the back. (Many customers like to display a recent photo on the front and an endearing childhood image on the back.) You can also use single photo pages and/or photomontage pages.

Because our templates are versatile and easy to customise, you’re free to create a unique booklet that truly reflects what made the deceased special.

Help is Just a Phone Call Away

We hope the advice and tips we’ve discussed will be a great help when you’re creating your loved one’s funeral order of service booklet.

If you need extra support, simply contact us on 01824 708 804 (Monday to Friday, 9 am – 5 pm). We’re committed to offering prompt, courteous assistance to our customers across the UK. It’s one of the many reasons we’ve been named Best Funeral Stationery Provider in the Welsh Enterprise Awards 2021.

Try Funeral Stationery 4U’s funeral order of service templates today to benefit from our award-winning service.