Inspiring Ways to Remember a Lost Loved One

While losing a loved one is always a distressing experience, there are many things you can do to commemorate that special person and reflect on the important contribution he/she made to your life.

Below we explore a range of inspiring ways you can remember a lost loved one.

Create a Memory Box

If you’re grieving the loss of someone close to you, you may have decided to keep a number of his/her possessions; treasured, personal objects such as diaries, photo albums or jewellery.

A wonderful way to keep those special items safe yet easily accessible is to place them in a memory box. You could purchase a personalised box for this purpose or use a box that had sentimental value to the deceased.

A memory box may be particularly helpful if you’re currently finding that seeing your loved one’s possessions on display is too upsetting.

Write a Heartfelt Letter

There may be certain things you’d dearly like to have had the opportunity to say to the deceased. Or perhaps you wish you could tell him/her about a significant event happening now.

Pouring your thoughts and feelings into a letter to that special person can help you cope with grief. If the words don’t flow at first, try the letter-writing prompts from Grief Dialogues, which supports bereaved individuals through creative activities.

You could share the letter with people you trust or seal it in an envelope and add it to your memory box.

Organise a Charity Fundraiser

If there’s a charity or community group that was important to the deceased, you could consider organising a fundraising campaign in his/her honour. This could be an online appeal on a crowdfunding platform or a fundraising event you believe would’ve appealed to your loved one. The latter option could be ambitious (running a marathon for charity, for example) or as simple as a Zoom quiz.

Do what feels appropriate on a scale that feels manageable for you. Encouraging others affected by your loved one’s passing to support the fundraiser (whether financially or by sharing it on social media, say) is an excellent way to bring people together.

Knowing your efforts will help a cause that meant a lot to someone dear can be a great comfort.

Commission a Portrait

Photo montages (whether mounted on your wall or saved on your computer) will help you to remember happy times you shared with the person who’s passed away. In addition, you could turn your favourite photo of him/her into a stunning piece of art by asking a professional artist to paint a portrait.

A useful starting point is the website for the Royal Society of Portrait Painters. It offers advice about commissioning portraits and features dozens of artists. You’re sure to find the right painter for your taste.

The portrait is likely to be a cherished object for many years to come, helping to honour the deceased’s memory.

Plant a Tree

Planting a tree and dedicating it to your late loved one is both healing and uplifting.

If paying tribute to someone dear in this way appeals to you, do take a look at a major project from the National Trust – the charity aims to plant 20 million tree saplings across the UK by the end of the decade.

Supporting a project like this is a great way to pay your respects while also thinking about future generations.

Design Unique Memorial Cards

When you’re grieving, creating an enduring, personal memento of your lost loved one can be tremendously comforting, especially if you can keep that memento close at hand.

That’s why memorial cards are special to so many people. Our superb memorial card templates have room for important details, a photo and poem (or other special text) while fitting neatly into your purse or wallet. They’re highly customisable to ensure you create cards that truly reflect your loved one. You – and others touched by his/her loss – can then take a tailored tribute wherever you go.

Funeral Stationery 4U memorial cards are designed and printed to the highest standards and swiftly delivered. Plus, they’re laminated for longevity.

We pride ourselves on our professional, caring approach. As one of our customers, Fiona, recently remarked, we provide ‘a personal service at a very difficult time’.

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