Frequently Asked Questions

Some hints, tips, and things to watch for when creating your own Funeral Stationery online.

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Frequently Asked Questions

Will my order arrive on time?

All our Funeral Stationery orders are despatched via Royal Mail Special Delivery and should arrive on the next working day by 1pm.

This is a Signed For service and the Royal Mail will require a signature before they will leave your parcel.

Will my order arrive on a Saturday?

The Royal Mail don’t guarantee Saturday deliveries unless a Saturday Delivery has been specified and paid for.

However, about half of our Friday despatches are delivered on a Saturday but it can’t be relied upon.

What happens if my order doesn’t arrive?

Your order should arrive by 1pm on the next working day. However, delays can sometimes occur on route and almost all deliveries arrive within two working days.

We keep in close contact with the Royal Mail and if in rare circumstances a delay does occur, and they cannot guarantee to deliver on day two, we will reprint your order free of charge.

Can I specify an early delivery?

We offer Free delivery on the Next Working Day by 1pm but we do offer a 9am service which you need to select in the checkout area. There is a small premium for this option and the price will be highlighted if an early delivery slot is selected.

How many pages do I need in a Funeral Order of Service?

Most memorial service booklets comprise four pages. That’s a front and back cover plus two inside pages.

However, if you would like to include photos and more text there are 8 and 12-page options available.

One page will usually provide enough room for one hymn and sections for prayers and a reading.

Can I increase the number of pages if I run out of space?

It is important to plan your Funeral Order of Service before you begin as pages cannot be added.

However, we have provided a 4-page overflow template which means that you don’t have to start all over again.

Please take care to select the same quantity for your main order AND the 4-page overflow section if it is used.

Can I have coloured card?

Photos are best displayed on white card, so this is what we print on as standard for all our Funeral Stationery.

However, if you are preparing your own Artwork, it is possible to drop in a background tint if you so wish.

How are multi-page Funeral Orders of Service finished?

Four-page booklets are supplied with a neat score line down the centre before folding in half by hand.

However, 8 and 12-page booklets are collated and stapled neatly with two wire staples in the spine of the booklet.

Are envelopes included?

They are for Funeral Announcement Cards; Memorial Cards and Thank You cards but for these three products only.

Can I share a proof with other members of my family before I order?

Draft work can be shared with friends and family for review in the following ways:

i) Sharing your log in details so that those wishing to review before going to print can make suggestions and changes if you so wish.

ii) With the draft open, right click with your mouse on the page displayed. A dialogue box will appear with the option to “Save Image As”. Complete this action with every page and you will have a series of low-res screenshots which you can print off or email to those assisting you with the content.

Can I have photos?

Photos are the most popular aspect of modern Funeral Orders of Service and are not complete without carefully chosen images of your loved one. So why not share their most treasured moments captured on film.

Don’t worry if they aren’t of the very highest quality or are a little faded. That is to be expected.

Top Tip: photos pulled down from social media are often very low res and do not reproduce well in print.

If your image looks blurred when you’ve uploaded it to your template it will look blurred in print too.

Do you charge extra for photos

No, there are no hidden extras and you can add as many photos or photo pages as you like without affecting the cost.

My photo is turned on its side when I upload it.

Although only an occasional occurrence it is extremely inconvenient, we do have a workaround.

When you submit your order, please email the offending photo separately (along with your Order Number) and we will rotate the image for you before going to press.

What happens if my photo doesn’t fit in to the template frame?

Sometimes images just will not fit into the photo frame you have chosen but this is something we can help you with.

Simply send us the image separately and we will place the photo for you once your order has been submitted.

It is important to send us your Order Number and instructions on where the image needs to be placed.

Can I delete photos from my library when I’ve finished my order?

Deleting photos post-order is no problem at all although we advise you to wait for your order to be delivered before you do so.

To access your library you’ll need to log in to your account and start a new project.

1) On the top menu bar select “Library”.

2) This will take you to your images.

3) From there, just press the “Bin” button to remove each image.

Deleting photos 2

Are my photos good enough?

As a rule, if your photo looks blurred once you have uploaded it to our editor then it will appear blurred in print – and maybe a little more so.

Photos pulled down from social media sites lose a tremendous amount of detail so care should be taken should this be your only option.

Do I have to type out my hymns in full?

Absolutely not!

There are any number of copyright-free sites on the web where you can obtain the lyrics.

Simply open a new tab in your browser and type in the first line of your hymn followed by the word “lyrics”.

A list of sites offering your chosen hymn’s wording will pop up.

Top Tip: check that the wording you are copying is the correct version as there can be a number of variations available.

Not all hymns are sung in full so simply dispense with the verses which are not required.

Can I have an electronic copy of my Funeral Order of Service?

By all means. Just include a note to this effect in the Notes Box when you check out and we’ll email you a PDF to share with friends and family with pleasure.

Page count explained.

Funeral Orders of Service booklets are printed on sheets of A4.

One sheet of A4 folded in half gives you four A5 pages. This means that the standard booklet size is a 4-page A5 booklet.

If addition pages are required these will be added in units of four pages. Hence 8 or 12-page booklets.

How do I move a page?

Our online editor does not currently support page shuffling, but we do have a workaround.

If you find a page out of position, simply leave us a note in the checkout area when you submit your order, and we will move it to your chosen position before printing.

Is my order checked before printing?

Our production personnel will give your order a brief overall check, but we do not proof-read your document.

It is your responsibility to check all the important details such as names and dates before submitting your order.

Top Tip: get another family member to check your work before submission. A fresh pair of eyes often helps to spot the most glaring errors.

My Debit Card won’t work on your site.

This may happen but only in exceptionally rare circumstances.

Should this affect you, simply give us a call and we will process your payment manually with pleasure.

Can I send you my own Artwork?

Of course. Simply send us a Print Ready PDF with the page size set at A5.

We recommend a quiet zone of 10mm on each edge with not text or images within 10mm of the edge of the page.

Can you design a Funeral Order of Service for me?

For those who don’t wish to use one of our templates we do have a Done for You service where one of our designers will be delighted to put everything together for you.

Please visit our page which explains the service in more detail.