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Celebrating the life of a loved one with beautifully printed funeral stationery

Saying goodbye to someone close is a deeply emotional time. If you are planning a funeral or memorial service as well, it can feel overwhelming.

Among the many details to consider, who you choose for your Funeral Order of Service printing holds a special significance.

In this article, we explore the key factors in funeral printing. And … what to look out for when printing a funeral service booklet.

We’ll also find out why small, personal touches are so important when celebrating the life of someone dear.

Preserving their Memory:

An Order of Service for a funeral serves as a lasting tribute to the life and legacy of the departed. It also provides a cherished keepsake for family and friends to remember someone close. With a little thought and careful design, you will be able to create a warm portrayal of the individual’s life. And … the impact they had on those around them.

Respecting Personal Interests and Beliefs:

One of the key advantages of arranging your own printing is the ability to customise your content. And to do so in a way that reflects the unique personality and interests of the deceased. Things that you may wish to include might be photographs, favourite poems, or quotations. All allow you to celebrate the incredibly special life they led. And … in a way that echoes their personality, beliefs, and values.

The freedom to choose will help you to bring a truly special tone to the service.

Guiding and Comforting Attendees:

A memorial booklet’s first job is to provide a clear outline of the service. It ensures that those attending understand the sequence of events. And … for them to be able to follow the readings, hymns, and eulogies. By providing this guidance, it allows mourners to take full part in the service. And … for them to find comfort in the shared experience of remembering.

But the service is also a celebration of life. And this is why more families are choosing designs which are bright and full of colour. This is why printing stunning photo pages plays such a significant part in this.

A typical order of service has just four pages or panels. And the written content would only fill two of those pages. Although Catholic orders of service are usually longer.

So, there is no reason why you shouldn’t turn a 4-page memorial booklet into one with eight or even 12 pages.

Reflection and Remembrance:

The service booklet should include sections which helps those attending pause for thought. Giving them time to reflect on the life of the departed.

This might involve adding pictures. You may wish to include major achievements and other key moments in their life.

Don’t worry if some of the images have aged badly or faded. This just adds a wonderful sense of time and place as the family’s most treasured memories are shared with the congregation.

Involving mourners in this way will create a feeling of closeness which will help many in the healing process.

Professional Printing and Design:

It is important to choose a good printer so that the finished booklets respect the memory of your loved one.

A printer with the necessary presses which can print on heavy card. And one which has the equipment to crease, fold and bind funeral order of service booklets.

Professional printers will also stock a range of paper and card weights to help you create an enduring tribute for you.

They can also provide guidance on typestyles and design choices. This means that the finished product looks appealing and fitting for the occasion.

Professional designers will also be able to give you a wider range of design styles for you to choose from.

Colourful floral themes and picture pages are widely popular. So, check that your designer will place these with care.

It will help the designer if you can tell them what your favourite colours are. And … topics such as hobbies and activities so that these can be used in the design.


Funeral order of service printing plays a big role in honouring the life of a loved one. And it provides great comfort to grieving families by giving a thoughtful and fitting tribute.

With careful thought and use of personal touches you can create a truly special keepsake. One that celebrates the life and values of the person who has passed away.

Remember, the order of service booklet is not just the running order for the service. It is a powerful tool for healing and remembrance during a time of loss.


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Alec has provided solace and support to those grieving. Recognising families’ evolving needs and preferences, he has integrated uplifting designs with traditional touches, ensuring that every order of service commemorates loved ones befittingly.

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