How to Give Funeral Order of Service Booklets Lasting Significance

If you’re currently planning a funeral, you’ll want to organise a service that does justice to the deceased’s life and legacy. This includes creating a funeral order of service booklet (which outlines the sequence of events) that the congregation and any mourners who can’t be present will appreciate on the day and long afterwards. Something to offer comfort on important dates, such as the individual’s birthday. You want to create a booklet that can be treasured and helps everyone to remember someone dear in a healing way.

With that in mind, you may well be wondering how can I ensure my order of service funeral booklets have lasting significance? Thankfully, it’s much easier than you might expect.

Create Meaningful Tributes with Funeral Templates

Advances in funeral stationery design and printing technology, such as online editors, mean it’s now simpler than ever to create the perfect funeral order of service booklets – mementoes everyone will cherish for many years. As a leading funeral stationery UK supplier, we know that our superb collection of classic funeral order of service template designs can make all the difference to the bereaved at a challenging, emotive time.

That’s right – you don’t need to begin with a blank sheet of paper, worrying about how to turn it into an order of service. Instead, you can use professional-quality funeral order of service template designs for the front and back covers and all the pages (encompassing both text and photos). Our templates show you what information should go where, while giving you plenty of personalisation options so you can tailor the booklet to your requirements.

What’s more, our skilled designers have revamped the templates to ensure they’re clearer and more versatile than ever. They really are the key to creating beautiful funeral order of service booklets that are deeply meaningful.

Another benefit of using funeral order of service template designs is they streamline the process of creating the booklets during a period when you have a lot on your mind and many other things to organise in addition to funeral stationery. Making a four-page booklet, for example, only takes about an hour. Why not give our elegant templates a try today?

Truly Special Funeral Order of Service Booklets

To inspire you, let’s discuss specific ways you can make funeral order of service booklets truly special.

Share Precious Photos

One of the best ways to give your booklets lasting significance is to include favourite photos of your lost loved one. A popular approach among our customers is to display a photo taken in recent years on the front cover and a photo from the person’s youth on the back cover, accompanied by photo montage pages, helping the bereaved to recall precious moments.

(If you’d rather not include photos, we offer several templates with neutral images.)

Add Special Songs and Poems

Many funerals feature hymns or other songs, poems and readings. With our user-friendly funeral order of service template editor, you can copy and paste these special words onto the pages for mourners to refer to during the ceremony as well as later on.

There’s even a four-page overflow section, so you don’t need to worry about running out of space.

Customise the Text Style

Another way to make funeral order of service booklets more personal is to select your preferred font styles, sizes and colours. Doing so will help you to add flair to the booklets and reflect your loved one’s personality. You could incorporate their favourite colour, for instance.

Sample wording is included to guide you – simply replace it with your own to make the booklets suitable for the particular kind of ceremony you’re organising (such as a traditional church service or rustic woodland burial).

Include a Message of Thanks

On the back cover, there’s space for a message of thanks: a lovely way to acknowledge individuals who’ve been particularly supportive. They’re sure to be touched to be mentioned by name.

Use a Professional Printing Service

Whether you need 10 booklets or 100+, we offer a full-colour, professional printing service with free, UK-wide Royal Mail Special Delivery. We print all funeral order of service booklets on pristine, heavyweight paper and card before hand-finishing them.

They’re not only fitting additions to funeral ceremonies but also make beautiful keepsakes for years to come.

Try our funeral order of service template editor today and discover why hundreds of customers give Funeral Stationery 4U five-star ratings.