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Use our unique range of Order of Service Funeral Template designs to create a truly special order of service booklet in memory of a loved one.

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Where to start

Creating a memorial service booklet in memory of a loved can be a daunting prospect.

Where to start?

How many hymns do we need and prayers too?

Where should the readings go, and do they have to be typed out in full?

With 30 years’ experience of printing Funeral Stationery, these and many other questions have been asked by our customers and we know how difficult it is to know where to start.

For most people funerals are, thankfully, not an everyday occurrence and even fewer are ever called upon to organise one so a guiding hand is essential.

Our Funeral Order of Service Template Online Editor

The advance of online editors and the ability to create documents online has created the opportunity for bereaved families to create a very personal and deeply special memento in memory of a loved one. But without a guide to follow, there are more questions than answers about where to start and what to include or leave out. 

Which is why we have revamped our Funeral Order of Service Template range to provide you with a range of pre-set layouts to guide you every step of the way.

Our Order of Service Funeral Template Range

Each Order of Service Funeral Template comprises a unique cover design with text boxes to show you what information is required and in what order.

Of course, every service is different, and some families may wish to include more information than others. But that is your choice, and you are free to include only the information you are comfortable with.

Each template in our range has a complimenting back cover design which allows you the choice to add an additional photograph on the back or … leave it plain. Again, the choice is yours.

A popular choice is to include a recent photograph of your loved on the front accompanied by one of them as a child on the reverse which provides a touching connection with the person you all loved and knew so well and them as a carefree child in happier times.

The back cover of each template also provides space for you to include a message of thanks to those who have helped and supported the family during their bereavement along with a message with regards to donations too if required.

Photo Quality - does it matter?

It is important to make a note about the quality of photos you would like to use.

The simple rule is that there isn’t one.

If you have a treasured photo of a loved one, either in their later years or one taken in their childhood, and it is very special to you, then there is no reason why it shouldn’t be used.

Don’t worry about old or slightly faded images, tattered edges or crease marks as they lend a real sense of time and place to your service booklet which will be all the better for it.

Even if they are imperfect, photos like this mark important life events and are special to you and your loved one who has passed away, so we unashamedly say; use them.

Your Written Content

The inside pages are also covered in our Funeral Order of Service Template designs where we set out the first page in some detail for you.

All our templates contain sample text as a guide, but this will be replaced with your own wording.

We know that every service is unique and different denominations will follow distinctive lines, but our order of service funeral templates still provide a very useful guide to follow.

We do recommend, however, that you liaise closely with your celebrant or presiding minister whose experience and knowledge of funeral etiquette will be invaluable wherever questions occur.

One important point to make about using our templates or any online editor is the importance of checking vital details such as dates when you check through your order before submitting it to print.

Spelling mistakes and punctuation errors are relatively easy to spot but only you know details of important dates so we recommend that these are checked carefully before completing your order.

Photo pages

In recent years, the inclusion of photo pages has become increasingly popular which is why we have revamped our funeral order of service template photo pages too.

Again, it is important to realise that you are displaying important milestones in your loved one’s life so some images may be old and a little tattered around the edges. This is to be expected and can only emphasise the wonderful life experiences your loved one will have enjoyed.

More recent photos will probably be stored digitally and should be of a very high quality, but great care should be taken with photos downloaded from social media sites.

Social media libraries compress images and remove a lot of the image information from the file which will result in them appearing pixelated or blurred when printed.

Predigital images

Hard copy photos stored in valuable family photo albums needn’t be spoiled by having to remove photos either.

Many customers simply retake the photo or photos they would like to share with their mobile phones.

If the lighting conditions are good and you hold your phone level with the photo you wish to use, you should be fine.

Natural lighting is best as this avoids the use of flash which can bounce off glossy photos leaving a large white flare right in the middle of the image.

If any additional cropping is required, our Order of Service Funeral Template photo editor does allow you to crop your image thus enabling you to remove any unwanted edges in the final frame.

How many pages will I need?

Whilst we have fixed booklet sizes starting at 4 A5 pages and working up in units of 4 to an 8-page, 12-page or even 16-page booklets our Order of Service Funeral Template system has a 4-page overspill section should you require extra space.

One limitation of the system is that a 4-page booklet, for example, isn’t expandable but rather than having to start afresh, our overspill section allows you to add as many extra sections as you wish.

Knowing how many pages you may require is often an unknown when you start work on compiling your content.

However, a useful guide is that each page will accommodate one hymn along with a reading and prayers.

Within our order of service templates each inside page contains several text and photo page options which allows you to create a truly memorable keepsake for the day of the service and always.

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