Plan A Funeral In 4 Easy Steps

It is very difficult to plan a funeral when you are processing the grief of losing a loved one, and many people struggle with the complexities of making arrangements so soon after such an emotional shock. That is why we’ve broken down the process into simple, manageable steps to make the whole thing easier.

  • Funeral instructions

Check if the deceased has left any instructions, savings, or life insurance to cover the cost of the funeral in their will, as this will inform you what to plan and how you will pay for it. If they have not left money, ask for donations from friends and family or check if you’re eligible for benefits


  • Pick funeral director

Choose which funeral director you want for the ceremony, picking one that will take care of many of the arrangements for you. They will cost extra but will handle plans such as transportation, flowers, and music so you don’t have to. 

  • Burial vs cremation?

One thing you will have to decide is what type of funeral you want for your loved one – whether it will be a burial or cremation, religious or secular, a direct burial or a direct cremation or an occasion to celebrate and commemorate their lives?

  • Personalisation

How you personalise the funeral is down to the choice of coffin, music, flowers, readings, and transport. You could pick the deceased’s favourite band’s music to play as the coffin is brought in or you could hand out memorial bookmarks to guests.