The Most Unusual Funeral Requests

One of the most unique aspects of a funeral ceremony is that, unlike a birth, a baptism or a wedding, a funeral does not only have one meaning to people.

Whilst for many it is a sombre ceremony meant to allow one final goodbye, with a funeral order of service to match, other people see their funeral instead as a celebration of their life.

Because of this funerals often see some quite unusual requests from either guests or congregations, and here are some of the oddest.


  • A Star Wars Theme

Did you know that the Imperial March from Star Wars sounds very similar to Chopin’s Funeral March?

Whilst the similarities are harder to notice given that one is a grand symphony and the other is a moody piano elegy, the similarities may have inspired one Star Wars fan to opt for such a unique funeral idea.

From readings from a galaxy far far away to a funereal director dressed as Darth Vader and a procession of Stormtroopers, there are a lot of options to consider.


  • Ice Cream Motorcade

After a well-loved ice cream vendor died, the community of ice cream men and women who loved him decided to make a truly unique tribute to their fallen friend.

The sight and sound of dozens of ice cream vans following a hearse all sounding their jingles are one of the most unusual funeral arrangements perhaps ever made.


  • An Explosive Finale

Many people opt to be cremated, and because of this, there are a lot of ways that the ashes can be spread or stored after the ceremony itself.

Whilst many people will spread it across a favourite location or store it in an urn, others decided to take a rather more unique approach and fill a firework with ashes, allowing them to go out in a fantasy of sound, light and colour.