10 ways to have a memorable funeral order of service

1) Make it personal :  funeral orders of service are made to inform friends and family of the events of the funeral. By using colours or designs that reflect the departed, you can honor and remember them.
2) Use photographs : photographs from all ages and stages of life can be a beautiful way to remember all the accomplishments of your friend or family member.  
3) Originality : often funeral order of services’ are very similar to each other, in a traditional style. But, there are many funeral order of service templates around to choose from. 
4) Include stories and anecdotes : often an order of service is something people attending the funeral keep, so to include stories and anecdotes is a nice touch to remember a friend or family member. 
5) Service Information : include all relevant information surrounding the service, including the words to any participatory actions (such as songs or prayers.)
6) Quotes : this could be quotes from loved ones or a sentiment that was special to the person. 
7) Name, date and venue information : an essential in a funeral order of service
8) Design and font size : this may seem like a smaller point, but many people opt for an italic font which makes the order of service very difficult to read. A minimalist, clear font is always a better option.
9) Paper type: ensure you print your order of service on thicker paper or card to save it from being lost or damaged easily. 
10) Do not forget the back page : often people forget that there is space on the back page. This is the perfect place for photographs or quotes. 
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