The complete guide to a modern funeral order of service

The funeral order of service is the booklet handed out to family and friends at the start of the service detailing the order of events about to take place. There’s a reason you’ll find them at almost every funeral – they’re an extremely useful step-by-step account of what guests can expect. 

As well as including readings, hymns, sentiments, and photographs of your loved one, they often act as a take-home that guests can cherish and re-visit at reflective times. For those that can’t make it to the ceremony, being able to read through the order of service is the next best thing.

You’re likely to keep the booklet for years to come, so it’s important to feel happy with its creation.

The design

Many people opt for a smart, modern design that reflects the vibrancy of their loved one. It’s best to keep things simple, especially for the cover page. You’ll probably want to include the full name of the remembered person, their photograph, their birth date and date of death, the location of the service, and perhaps a short quotation or sentiment that was special to them.

You might choose to incorporate a decorative graphic to use throughout as a simple way to brighten up the pages.

The service

Next, it’s time to outline the service itself. Think through the details of the schedule to ensure that events run smoothly. The day might include a musical procession, an opening speech, music and poems, readers and speakers, group prayer, committal and blessing, and closing music. 

An order of service funeral template will make it easy to structure your booklet.

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