When Should A Funeral Take Place? | Funeral Stationery 4U

The death of a friend, relative or loved one can be a devastating shock, one that can take some time to process. It also leads to two instinctive schools of thought when it comes to making arrangements for funeral dates, funeral stationery and making preparations with a place of rest.

Some people, understandably, need more time to register what has happened, not only officially but also mentally, whilst others want to arrange a date as soon as possible so they can celebrate the person’s life and say their farewells, as well as according to particular wishes or religious beliefs.

There is no right or wrong answer to this, and a funeral date is typically set based on the days the majority of family and friends can make, the availability of the funeral director, church or crematorium, as well as other extenuating circumstances which may delay the ceremony.

Typically, funerals take place on a weekday in the middle of the day, from late morning until early afternoon, to take into account that some people may need to travel a considerable distance to make the ceremony, as well as give time for a wake.

It is possible for a funeral to be booked on a weekend if that is the only day many of the guests can make, but these often have more limited availability and may cost more due to the difficulty of making arrangements alongside traditional Sunday service.

Funerals can also be held at night, but because this often involves staff working outside of business hours it would need to be a special request and may also incur additional charges.

There is no official need to rush. As long as the death certificate is registered within five days, a funeral can be arranged whenever the time is right for you, your family and your loved ones to make the proper arrangements to appropriately celebrate their life.