Rob Delaney Releases Book After Death Of Son

American actor and writer Rob Delaney is releasing a book of his experience of losing his son to a brain tumour. 

A Heart That Works tells the story of Henry, who was one year’s old when he was diagnosed with a brain tumour, and only two when he passed away. 

Delaney, who stars in comedy Catastrophe, said the book is for other parents who have lost children, as well as their friends and family who want to support them but do not know how. 

“This book is written out of love for [other parents], but it will also paint a picture for friends and strangers who’d like to know what the death of a child does to a family,” he stated.

Henry passed away in 2018 on Rob’s 41st birthday, with the actor describing it as the “heaviest pain in the world”. 

He added: “If you asked me how I carry on without him, I would tell you I don’t know.”

The book, which was published on October 20th, will go towards raising money for brain tumour research.

Delaney noted the Brain Tumour Research charity does “phenomenal work” in trying to find treatment and a cure for the illness. 

According to official government figures, 2,226 deaths of children under the age of one and 789 youngsters between one and 15 years old died in 2020. This means over 6,000 mums and dads in the UK had to suffer the pain of child loss. 


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