How To Memorialise A Loved One

Losing a loved one is a difficult and heartbreaking experience to go through for anyone and finding the right way to remember them may seem like a difficult task. However, there are many different options to choose from and you may find that going with something less traditional is a great way to honour those who have passed. 

Having unique and personal ways to keep their memory alive is an important part of grief and acceptance and it is more than okay to take your time when creating a memorial. 

Giving yourself time to plan and create the most fitting and appropriate memorial also ensures that you create something meaningful and personal to cherish forever. This process also allows you a chance to process your grief and to take a moment to think and reflect.

Gravestones are an obvious choice for those who have decided to be buried and having something physical standing at the burial site is a lovely way to honour your loved ones. Being able to visit their resting place and leave flowers and trinkets means you always have somewhere to go in order to feel close to them.

Having a resting place for your loved one doesn’t mean you have to have a gravestone though, as people who choose to be cremated wouldn’t have a burial site. Having a plaque created and placed in one of your loved one’s favourite places is always a lovely option, as it is still a physical reminder of them that you are able to visit. 

Plaques can be attached to memorial trees, benches or statues and are a wonderful way to incorporate your loved one into their favourite places, creating a safe, happy space you can visit to spend time with them after they have passed. 

Memorial jewellery is a lovely way to keep your loved ones close. Ashes or keepsakes such as hair can be crafted into rings, pendants, necklaces and bracelets, which allow you to carry a piece of them wherever you go. 

There are also a range of other keepsakes you can have made which, while untraditional, may be the best way to remember your friend or relative. Ashes can be pressed into vinyl records, so you can listen to their favourite song with them even after they’re gone. 

Statues and sculptures can be commissioned with the inclusion of ashes as a decorative memorial and an alternative to a traditional urn. 

There is a huge range of cremation artwork out there, from glass to concrete, that you can have created in order to give your friends and family a beautiful, long-lasting memorial that you can display proudly. 

Physical memorabilia isn’t the only way to honour someone who has passed, however. There are many ways you can pay tribute that don’t require creating a place or object. 


Donating to a passed loved one’s favourite charity, or one that has special meaning is a lovely way to remember them while doing good for others as well. You can also set up charities in their name, fund scholarships or even create events in their memory. 


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