Choosing Flowers For A Funeral

When organising a funeral, there are so many things to consider – from what hymns to sing to who should give the eulogies, and what casket to choose to where the wake should be held. It can be extremely overwhelming to make these decisions when going through the early stages of grief, which is why this list of popular funeral flowers should help make choosing floral displays a little easier.


  • Gladioli

Although lilies are perhaps the most common flower to have at a funeral, as they represent grace and peace, gladioli are also a popular choice. Known as the ‘sword lily’, the tall flowers are a symbol of strength and integrity, Roupp Funeral Home revealed.


  • Chrysanthemums

Chrysanthemums are used a lot at funerals throughout the world, despite their meaning varying greatly. They come in a variety of colours, shapes and forms, allowing mourners to choose ones that would suit the deceased best.

They can be used in basket displays, to create bouquets or alongside larger flowers, such as lilies.


  • Roses

Roses are typically used in wedding bouquets, but they are also a good choice for funeral displays too, thanks to the variety of meanings depending on the different colours. For instance, white roses represent purity and innocence; red roses are a symbol of grief and love; yellow roses are for friendship; and dark pink roses are to offer thankfulness to those who have passed.

They are often mixed with other flowers, whether displayed in a wreath, a casket spray, or a standing spray.


It is also important to consider the stationery, such as funeral order of service cards. Take a look at our selection here.