Memorial Event Ideas – Imaginative Ways to Honour Someone Dear

Whereas the funeral order of service gives you the opportunity to say goodbye soon after a loved one has passed away, memorial events take place further down the line. Several weeks or months after the loss of someone dear, when your grief is less raw, you may wish to honour the individual in a more informal way by organising a memorial event.

What is a memorial event exactly? In a nutshell, it’s a fairly relaxed get-together for those who’ve been affected by the death of a relative, friend or colleague, during which everyone can reflect on the person’s life, perhaps in a significant place or while participating in a meaningful activity. There’s no set format: you’re free to plan the kind of event that best reflects your loved one’s individuality.

A Healing, Uplifting Occasion for Young and Old

Whereas funerals normally last between 20 minutes and an hour, a memorial event can be whatever length you wish. You could plan a one-off gathering or institute an annual get-together. Some people find comfort in holding memorial events each year on their loved one’s birthday or other significant date. They’re healing, uplifting occasions during which favourite memories are shared and new ones made.

Because their mood is lighter, memorial events are more ‘child-friendly’ than funeral services. They can be ideal if youngsters in your family have lost a beloved grandparent, for example, and you’re keen to help them honour the individual in an age-appropriate way while also being able to share your own thoughts with other adults.

We hope the following imaginative ideas for memorial events will help you to plan a truly special occasion.

Share Your Loved One’s Favourite Dishes

If you’re paying tribute to someone whose bookshelves were filled with well-thumbed cookbooks, why not host a memorial supper under the stars in their honour? Let their favourite recipes inspire the menu. What style of cuisine did they most enjoy? Which dishes remind you of them?

Alternatively, revisit the deceased’s favourite restaurant for a similarly special memorial meal.

With good food and good company, the conversation is bound to flow. Soon you’ll all be sharing stories about your loved one. There’ll be tears, there’ll be laughter; and by the time dessert is served you’ll all feel closer to one other and closer to the spirit of the departed.

Watch Their Favourite Films on the Big Screen

Perhaps cinema rather than cooking was your lost loved one’s passion. You and those close to you could immerse yourselves in the deceased’s favourite films followed by a slideshow of treasured personal photos.

Hiring an outdoor cinema screen for your garden will give this memorial event a real sense of occasion.

Decorate a Tree with Memorial Messages

At your local craft shop, you should be able to find plain wooden decorations, such as hanging hearts.

You and your guests could write brief notes about the deceased on the decorations in permanent, waterproof ink (any children present might prefer to paint theirs in bright colours) then hang them from the branches of a tree in your garden. They’ll create a beautiful spectacle, as well as encouraging you all to reflect on someone dear.

Watch Bubbles Float Away on the Breeze

Releasing large numbers of helium balloons used to be a popular memorial event. However, as bereavement charity Sands points out, people have come to realise that balloon releases can have a negative impact on wildlife and the environment so are best avoided.

Releasing bubbles is an excellent alternative – you could hire a bubble machine, as well as supplying your nearest and dearest with bubble wands. Blowing bubbles is an ideal memorial activity for children.

Watching the bubbles float away acts as a poignant reminder that we must all, at some stage, let go of people we love – and let go of the worst of our grief.

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