What To Include On A Memorial Card

Memorial cards are often handed out at funerals as small tokens and mementos of remembrance. They aren’t often very long but are a lovely way to pay tribute to a lost loved one and give those in attendance something special to take away. 

Oftentimes you will include a picture of the deceased, usually a happy one where they are smiling and enjoying their time so that people can look at the card and remember them as they were, at their best and happiest. 

Traditionally, you would also include their name and birthdate, as well as the date they passed away and you may also choose to add their age as well. This provides some information for guests and also allows you to keep note of the important landmark dates of their life. 

Poetry, religious verses, quotes and other sayings are often used on a memorial card. Often these will relate to what the person was interested in, whether it is an inspirational quote from themselves, a memorable passage from their favourite book or a poem that speaks to who they were as a person. 

This is a lovely way to personalise the memorial card and make it something that truly reflects your lost loved one. You may also wish to include a small passage talking about them, who they were as a person and reminisce about some of their favourite pastimes and special moments in their life.

Memorial cards are entirely customisable and can be as classic or untraditional as your life. 

Making sure they reflect the deceased and showcase them in a celebratory, special way as one last token to take away from the funeral is important. Try and include content that you know they would enjoy, find funny or feel touched by.