What Are The Most Commonly Played Songs At Funerals?

There are a lot of choices involved when organising a funeral, as they are not only a solemn farewell for a person deeply loved, but also a celebration of their life, times and passions.

Because of this, songs and hymns that are loved by the deceased are often a part of funeral stationery packages to ensure everyone can sing along to a song they loved in life.

These choices are often incredibly personal and can range from hymns to classical music pieces, to songs from musical to pop songs from any era, but some songs have become very common and popular staples, some of which make perfect sense and others are rather more surprising.

Here are just some of the most popular songs at funerals.


My Way – Frank Sinatra

Ol’ Blue Eyes is one of the most celebrated singers of all time, and many of his songs are very popular final songs, such as A Very Good Year, That’s Life, Fly Me To The Moon and I Love You Baby.

However, there is one that stands above all others, and that is the triumphant, nostalgic and celebratory My Way. It combines a resolute knowledge of the end with the strong self-reflection that ultimately they were their authentic self the entire way.

Ultimately, that is the best message to take from life; no matter what you do, so long as you did it your way that is the main aspect that matters.


Look On The Bright Side Of Life – Eric Idle

An ironic, satirical song written for the controversial Monty Python’s Life Of Brian, Look On The Bright Side Of Life has become a genuinely uplifting and sentimental song to many, in no small part because there is an affection for the ‘stiff upper lip’ spirit in the face of hard times.

Whilst in the film it is riddled with irony given that it is sung by people being crucified, it has become a deeply popular song, and appropriately enough was sung at the funeral of Python Graham Chapman by his friends, family and colleagues.


The Chain – Fleetwood Mac

In some cases, the subject matter of a song is largely incidental to its popularity for ceremonies, and no song conveys this more than The Chain.

One of the most savage breakup songs ever written Fleetwood Mac composed the complex track during a time when every single member of the band was going through a breakup (most famously singer Stevie Nicks and Lindsay Buckingham, although John and Christine McVie’s marriage also broke down).

That it also contains an exceptionally popular and well-known ending also helps its enduring popularity.