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29 07, 2020

The complete guide to a modern funeral order of service

The funeral order of service is the booklet handed out to family and friends at the start of the service detailing the order of events about to take place. There’s a reason you’ll find them at almost every funeral – they’re an extremely useful step-by-step acc.....

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08 03, 2019

Death Certificate Price Increase

Last month we highlighted the costs faced by families paying for their children’s funeral and the government’s delay in establishing the Children’s Funeral Fund for England. Now it appears costs are set to rise even further with the news that death certificates have now tripled in price......

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12 02, 2019

Paying for Funeral Services

Paying for Funeral Services It is estimated around 5,000 people under the age of 18 die every year, with the costs faced by grieving parents typically spiralling into the thousands.  Finding the money to pay for funeral services, such as burials or cremations, as well as the associated council fees, can prove extremely difficult. While some councils do waiver the.....

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14 09, 2018

Donating your body to medical science

A chance conversation recently with my niece led me to look in to this subject a little more deeply. She happens to be studying to be a doctor and this Autumn she was looking forward to her first time on the wards. In passing, I’d mentioned my Funeral Stationery 4U blog and my wish to look at donating bodies to medical science. I was quite taken aback when she tol.....

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13 08, 2018

Funeral Order of Service Template

How to use a Funeral Order of Service Template to create a stunning Order of Service booklet - full of everlasting memories to celebrate the life of a loved one. Families today are looking for something which is just as much a celebration of a loved one’s life as it is a running order of the service itself. In that Order of Service booklet, they want to sha.....

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00 00, 0000

Should Children Be Taught About Death At School?

The Australian Medical Association Queensland has received a proposal to include ‘death education’ into their lesson plans, in the same way that other social subjects are discussed with school pupils, BBC reported. Doctors have argued that due to improvements in medicine and healthcare, more pe.....

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02 07, 2018

Rise Found In Public Health Funerals

A new investigation carried out by ITV News has found a rise in public health funerals (or paupers’ funerals, as they’re also known), with a 70 per cent hike in ceremonies of this kind in the last three years. These funerals cost councils .....

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21 05, 2018

Top Tips For Helping Friends & Family After You’ve Gone

Of course no one likes to think about their own death and how life will go on after you’re no longer here – but it does pay to be as prepared as you can, mainly to help your friends and family after you’ve gone. This will already be a very emotional and upsetting time, but it’s often compounded by the fact that people may not know what your wishes are, or .....

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10 05, 2018

Just 31% ‘Comfortable’ With Talking About Death

There are certain subjects that people will always try and steer clear of if possible, whether it’s a health issue, finances, relationship dissolution or death… but hiding your head in the sand where the practicalities of life are concerned won’t help either, so if you can do your best to have the difficult conversations with friends and family when necessary. .....

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09 05, 2018

Funeral Tribute Archive Set Up For Humanists

Humanists UK, which has been providing humanist funerals for those who aren’t religious since the late 19th century, has revealed that it is establishing an online funeral tribute archive. The idea behind the service is that people can share stories and memories of their loved ones and their lives for future generations to read and enjoy. .....

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