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29 09, 2017

Pall Bearers

The term Pall may have come in to use as early as the 15th Century when it was used to describe the robe or material covering the coffin. The Pall bearers were the individuals chosen to carry the cloth. Typically, but not exclusively, a Pall was a white cloth carried behind the coffin by a team of bearers whilst those carrying the casket walked in front. The Pall would then be pl.....

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15 09, 2017

The (sometimes unusual) early history of coffins

Coffin – meaning … From Greek kophinos "a basket," and the Latin cophinuscame cofin or little basket in old French and ultimately Coffin in middle English. Since ancient times it was the custom to wrap the deceased in some sort of shroud before burial or cremation. However, it is possible that the earliest form an e.....

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