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12 07, 2017

Order of service funeral how much do they cost

How much do Order of Service Funeral cost? 10 important factors to consider In this blog post I would like to take an objective look at the major influences on the cost of Order of Service Funeral. So often, there is just one question uppermost in customers’ minds: How much do they cost? However, there are a number of.....

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31 10, 2017

How to create a funeral order of service

Your guide to Creating a Stunning Funeral Order of Service For anyone who has been involved with arranging a Funeral Service you’ll know there are many tasks which require your attention. One such undertaking will be creating a beautiful, memorable and uplifting Order of Service Funeral in memory of a loved. In the normal course of event.....

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16 10, 2017


Embalming: the process of preserving the human body following death. Today, embalming is practiced for a number of reasons which would include preserving the deceased for public display prior to the funeral or … for scientific use if someone has donated their body to science. But its origins are far older. It is likely that the ancient Egyptians were th.....

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29 09, 2017

Pall Bearers

The term Pall may have come in to use as early as the 15th Century when it was used to describe the robe or material covering the coffin. The Pall bearers were the individuals chosen to carry the cloth. Typically, but not exclusively, a Pall was a white cloth carried behind the coffin by a team of bearers whilst those carrying the casket walked in front. The Pall would then be pl.....

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15 09, 2017

The (sometimes unusual) early history of coffins

Coffin – meaning … From Greek kophinos "a basket," and the Latin cophinuscame cofin or little basket in old French and ultimately Coffin in middle English. Since ancient times it was the custom to wrap the deceased in some sort of shroud before burial or cremation. However, it is possible that the earliest form an e.....

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31 08, 2017

Rest in Fleece …

September is an interesting month for coffin manufactures and all of us with cash in our pockets too. But why?September is an interesting month for coffin manufactures and all of us with cash in our pockets too. But why? Well, in September last year, the Funeral Furnishing Manufacturers Association ( launched a coffin and caske.....

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16 08, 2017

Blog - Memorial Wind Chimes & Paperweights

More unusual ways of preserving the memory of a loved one. Last month I reposted an article from 2014 taking another look at Memorial Diamonds. Rather excitingly, during my research I discovered that the firm making them also supply Memorial Glassware in the form of Wind Chimes and Paperweights. Using only an egg cup full of ashes the glass craftsmen hand craf.....

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27 07, 2017

Immortalise a Loved One in a Memorial Diamond

Most us are familiar with the saying “Diamonds are Forever” how many of us knew that it is now possible to transform ashes or hair of a loved one in to a beautiful memorial diamond? I certainly didn’t and decided that it would be interesting to delve a little deeper in to this intriguing topic. So, just what are Memorial Diamonds? Memorial Di.....

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15 03, 2017

Burial at Sea

With interest in greener alternatives to traditional funeral the question arises about the question of burial at sea.   So, who can be buried at sea?   In short, anyone can and you don’t need any connection with the navy or other maritime services.   However, should you decide that this is a method of burial w.....

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09 02, 2017

How do you arrange a Funeral?

On many occasions, the circumstances surrounding a bereavement make it very difficult for the family to take in the all the things which need to be done. And … in such a short space of time too. Whilst the vast amount of the population in the UK will have a Funeral Director in their locality to turn to it’s worth taking the time and trouble to find a family run busin.....

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