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07 12, 2016

Where did that word come from?

Completing some research recently for different types of coffins used in the UK got me thinking about the words we use in relation to death and where they came from. Whilst it might seem a rather esoteric subject to delve in to I find the subject captivating. Not only is it highly revealing but it gives us a tiny insight in to some of the customs, practices and myths and legends .....

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07 11, 2016

Should Kids go Free?

“Corbyn calls for an end to child funeral charges rang the headlines” as questions were raised in the House of Commons about a much-publicised case which hit the news last week. This call was in response to the case of an MP from Wales who was forced to borrow money to pay for the funeral of her eight-year old son. Carolyn Harris’s son Martin died foll.....

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10 10, 2016


When we are at our lowest ebb a funeral can be hard to plan. We know it’s got to be arranged but with so little time and so many things crowding in on you, who can you turn to. For many of us, a call to our or local vicar or minister is all we can think of doing. Increasingly, however, another group of people are on hand to help bereaved families are the.....

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22 03, 2016

What needs to go in to a Funeral Order of Service?

If you’ve never done it before, creating a Funeral Order of Service booklet for a friend or family member might seem like a daunting task. All sorts of questions will spring to mind: how many hymns should there be, should there be readings, is there a set format I need to follow, etc, etc. Which is why we’re here to help. The Funeral Order of Service templat.....

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01 03, 2016

Using Photos in your Funeral Order of Service

Printing Funeral Orders of Service for 25 years we have seen fashions change increasingly quickly. Whilst those change were slow in the beginning it’s only in the last few years that technology has been a huge influencer on fashion. One of the most profound shifts we have witnessed in printing Funeral Orders of Service in recent years has been the desire of bereav.....

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09 02, 2016

New Range of Funeral Orders of Service Designs

Inspired by a visit to Ely Cathedral our new Avant-Garde range of designs takes Funeral Order of Service booklets to an entirely new level. From the hundreds of messages and reviews we receive from our customers we know there is a growing need for Funeral Order of Service booklets to move beyond the old stuffy Black & White print on thin card and become a celebration of a lov.....

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