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Heavyweight 120gsm matching paper for the inside pages.

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Page Count explained

A Funeral Stationery booklet will typically be made up in to a booklet of 4, 8 or 12 A5 pages.

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So, why do we have to work in units of 4 pages?

Imagine an A4 sheet of paper viewed in landscape mode. If you fold the sheet in half this gives you four A5 panels or pages. If you’ve got more content than can comfortably fit on four pages we have to add another sheet – therefore four more pages. And four more and so on.

In a four-page Funeral Order of Service page 1 will be the front cover. Page 2 (inside front cover) will typically be your first text page. Page 3 will be your last text page. And page 4 will be your back cover.

But what do I do if I’ve only got content for five or six pages?

That’s very easy, you could consider adding another one or two photo pages. Or, you could consider writing out a reading or poem in full rather than just the heading.

And lastly, don’t forget you can also include a blank page or pages.

Blank pages are most commonly used on the inside of the front or back cover and are really useful to make sure your Order of Service starts on the right hand facing page. Just like a paperback book.

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Finishing & Binding

A four-page Order of Service will be supplied with a neat crease down the middle and we fold the cards in half for you.

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The stiff, heavyweight board we use is too thick to pass through a high-speed folding machine so we do this by hand for you.

If you’ve created an 8 or 12-page Order of Service booklet we collate all the sheets and pass them through a booklet maker. This machine folds and stitches the sheets into a booklet with two wire staples in the spine.

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What can I put in my Funeral Stationery booklet?

Our template pages will provide all the guidance for what you’ll need. Simply delete or overtype our sample text and insert your own wording. It’s as simple as that.

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We’d always advise, however, to include your presiding minister or celebrant in any discussion about content and they’ll be able to guide and advise you – especially where different faiths or denominations are involved.

And don’t forget that you can use Photo pages too … they’re so popular. Don’t worry if they’re not pin sharp because they don’t have to be. Older pictures which may be a tiny bit fuzzy or discoloured lend a sense of time and place to all your wonderful memories.

Above all, photo pages help provide a wonderfully expressive celebration of the live of a loved one; all their achievements, their family and … some of their favourite places and past-times too.

After all, you’ve gathered together to celebrate the life of a loved one and listen to family and friends talking fondly of shared times, why not share pictures of those wonderful times for all to see?

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Photo pages

Please see "What can I put in my Order of Service".

Do I have to type out the Hymns in full?

Absolutely not … and here’s how.

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Simply open another tab in your browser and type the first line of your chosen hymn followed by the word lyrics. For example, if you’ve chosen the hymn Jerusalem, simply type “Jerusalem lyrics” (inverted commas not required) into the search bar, hit search and Google will return loads of copyright free sites where you can copy the lyrics you want.

Some sites have different versions so take care to choose one which displays the wording and style you want. Most people simply copy the words to the clipboard and paste them in to one of our template pages. But before you do carry out that last step, here’s a top tip.

Top Tip. Wording copied from the web will carry lots of hidden formatting like the font type and size, line spacing and whether type is bold or italic - and this may be difficult to override in our online editor.

So, here’s how to get around it.

Instead of pasting the lyrics straight in to our editor, paste them in to something like Wordpad or Notepad. These two free text editors are really handy because they strip all the formatting from whatever you’ve copied. Simply reselect the words you’ve pasted in to Wordpad or Notepad, copy and then paste in to our online text editor.

This extra step adds less than 60 seconds to inserting a hymn but can save you loads of hassle.

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Card type

Almost without exception we use a smooth uncoated high white board for all our Funeral Orders of Service.

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With so many customers wanting to include photos a high quality white board is the best way to show them off. Whilst Cream or Ivory coloured card is still used by some suppliers, photographs just don’t look right with a pale yellow hue showing through.

The best way to describe the card type and quality is that it is the same board you’ll see used for Business Cards. It has a smooth high white surface. And if you are interested in the techie stuff it’s 350gsm and is uncoated.

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Funeral Order of Service
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