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14 09, 2018

Donating your body to medical science

A chance conversation recently with my niece led me to look in to this subject a little more deeply. She happens to be studying to be a doctor and this Autumn she was looking forward to her first time on the wards. In passing, I’d mentioned my Funeral Stationery 4U blog and my wish to look at donating bodies to medical science. I was quite taken aback when she tol.....

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21 05, 2018

Top Tips For Helping Friends & Family After You’ve Gone

Of course no one likes to think about their own death and how life will go on after you’re no longer here – but it does pay to be as prepared as you can, mainly to help your friends and family after you’ve gone. This will already be a very emotional and upsetting time, but it’s often compounded by the fact that people may not know what your wishes are, or .....

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10 05, 2018

Just 31% ‘Comfortable’ With Talking About Death

There are certain subjects that people will always try and steer clear of if possible, whether it’s a health issue, finances, relationship dissolution or death… but hiding your head in the sand where the practicalities of life are concerned won’t help either, so if you can do your best to have the difficult conversations with friends and family when necessary. .....

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24 04, 2018

Would You Opt For An Eco-Friendly Funeral?

There’s growing awareness around the world of the impact that people are having on the planet – and we’re now increasingly starting to choose better more environmentally friendly options every day. And now it seems that this idea is being continued even after death in many cases, with eco-friendly options for funerals readily available if so desired. According t.....

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09 04, 2018

Genealogy: Understanding An Individual's Family Lineage To Illuminate Their Life Journey

When it comes to writing an obituary, testimony or order of service funeral card for a loved one who has sadly passed away, understanding their family history is an interesting way to illuminate who they are, where they have come from, their life-journey and virtues. Genealogy is a well-known and practised hobby, made popular in Britain in recent years by the television series &q.....

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27 03, 2018

Museum Of Funeral History Opens In London

Although many of us shy away from having conversations about death and funerals, when you look at the history of how humans have dealt with these things in centuries gone past it can be really fascinating. We should also talk to our loved ones more about what we want to happen at our funeral, because this can help with everything from organising the funeral itself, to choosing th.....

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19 03, 2018

Brits ‘Feeling Pressured’ To Return To Work After A Bereavement

Companies should ensure that their members of staff feel properly supported in the workplace after they’ve suffered a bereavement – yet it seems that many people are left feeling isolated and pressured to get back to the office after a loved one has died. New research .....

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00 00, 0000

What Are Memorial Cards?

When you start organising a funeral there can be more to think about than you may first imagine, one of which is what funeral stationery you need to order. Among the options are memorial cards. If you’ve never had to arrange a funeral before, you may not be entirely familiar with the concept. These are essentially small keepsakes given to mourners to take away wit.....

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07 12, 2016

Where did that word come from?

Completing some research recently for different types of coffins used in the UK got me thinking about the words we use in relation to death and where they came from. Whilst it might seem a rather esoteric subject to delve in to I find the subject captivating. Not only is it highly revealing but it gives us a tiny insight in to some of the customs, practices and myths and legends .....

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