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13 08, 2018

Funeral Order of Service Template

How to use a Funeral Order of Service Template to create a stunning Order of Service booklet - full of everlasting memories to celebrate the life of a loved one. Families today are looking for something which is just as much a celebration of a loved one’s life as it is a running order of the service itself. In that Order of Service booklet, they want to sha.....

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11 04, 2018

Child Burial Fees In England Scrapped

A Labour MP who has campaigned for child burial fees in England to be waived has won her battle, with prime minister Theresa May recently announcing the establishment of the Children’s Funeral Fund to help cover expenses. Under the new rules, the burial or cremation charges for anyone under the age of 18 who dies in England will be paid for by the government. It’s est.....

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24 03, 2018

Explaining The Role Of A Funeral Director

Arranging a funeral for a loved one can be a challenge at the best of times, but if you’ve never had to deal with this kind of thing before it can be confusing to know what services to make use of - and where to find them. Many people will use a funeral director to help organise their service, but do you know just what this role entails - and why it could be so helpful?.....

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22 03, 2018

Environmentally Friendly Funerals 'Becoming More Popular'

The environment is important to many of us, which is why green funerals are becoming more popular - and may be something to consider when choosing a theme or motif for your loved one's send-off. If the environment, or a love of nature and preserving it were important to the deceased, this is something they may like in their funeral order of service .....

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22 03, 2016

What needs to go in to a Funeral Order of Service?

If you’ve never done it before, creating a Funeral Order of Service booklet for a friend or family member might seem like a daunting task. All sorts of questions will spring to mind: how many hymns should there be, should there be readings, is there a set format I need to follow, etc, etc. Which is why we’re here to help. The Funeral Order of Service templat.....

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01 03, 2016

Using Photos in your Funeral Order of Service

Printing Funeral Orders of Service for 25 years we have seen fashions change increasingly quickly. Whilst those change were slow in the beginning it’s only in the last few years that technology has been a huge influencer on fashion. One of the most profound shifts we have witnessed in printing Funeral Orders of Service in recent years has been the desire of bereav.....

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