Would You Opt For An Eco-Friendly Funeral?

Would You Opt For An Eco-Friendly Funeral?

There’s growing awareness around the world of the impact that people are having on the planet – and we’re now increasingly starting to choose better more environmentally friendly options every day. And now it seems that this idea is being continued even after death in many cases, with eco-friendly options for funerals readily available if so desired.

According to the Guardian, the funeral industry is becoming more attuned to less traditional choices for funerals and there are now all sorts of ways in which you can be eco-friendly, even after you’ve shuffled off this mortal coil.

You could, for example, buy your coffin from the Coffin in a Box Company, which has just teamed up with Ecor to come up with a model for a coffin that comes with sides made out of recycled cellulose fibres. The Coffin in a Box Company already sells a low-carbon flatpack poplar coffin, with the business believing that burial is better for the environment than cremation.

Co-owner of the design firm Cor Geijtenbeek explained: “Environmental awareness needs to extend to everything we do. We separate our plastics. We think about the car we drive. We also need to think about the choice of our last journey. Cremation isn’t necessarily better for the environment as it uses a lot of energy and raises the carbon footprint. Simple burial with biodegradable products is better for the environment.”

Other products you could potentially buy to have less of an impact on the world through death include coffins made from wool, willow and cardboard, eco-friendly shrouds, partly recycled and biodegradable coffins and so on… so it’s just a matter of deciding what’s right for you and how you’d like to be buried.

A few years ago, the Guardian also reported that Hainsworth – one of the biggest textile mills in the UK – saw a 700 per cent hike in demand for woollen coffins, with more people looking to have an environmentally friendly funeral. Interestingly, other ways you could prioritise this is by making cash payments to help offset the carbon dioxide emissions arising from your funeral service.

So how else could you be green when you die? We’ve just come across the idea for a reef ball from Eternal Reefs, where people’s cremated remains are mixed with concrete and then moulded into what is known as a Pearl.

This will be left to cure overnight and families are able to personalise the top of the ball with written messages and handprints in the damp concrete. The Pearl will then be put in place with a chartered boat taking friends and family out to the reef site. Part of the idea is to help preserve, protect and enhance our marine environment for future generations – and there are now more than 700,000 reef balls in our oceans all over the world!

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