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Would You Consider Streaming A Funeral Online?

Would You Consider Streaming A Funeral Online?

In today’s world, where families can be spread far and wide, the internet can be a powerful tool to help people stay in touch, and now one church is using it to help relatives to attend funerals if they’re unable to travel.

The Scottish Sun reported on an initiative being piloted by Greyfriars Parish Church in Lanark, where funerals are broadcast online and the minister even offers a catch-up-style service for worshippers who have missed the Sunday service.

Where funerals are concerned, he explained that it’s a particularly useful way of reaching family members and friends who are unable to travel.

Reverend Bryan Kerr highlighted a recent service that he planned to broadcast online - one for a 93-year-old parishioner who was active within the local community. However, her sister lives in the USA and was unable to travel.

“Her sister has lived in America for almost 70 years and is going to be tuning in at 6.30am New York time to watch the service on her iPad,” he revealed.

If you have relatives overseas who need to attend the funeral of a loved one in this way, you could always post them an order of service for the funeral to give them a keepsake from the service.

Alternatively, you may prefer to print memorial cards for the day of the funeral and send one of these to any absent friends or family members. Memorial cards are a way of celebrating the life of the person you’ve lost and can be a nice memento for mourners to take away with them.

For those who are unable to physically attend the funeral, they could provide a timely reminder of all the happiness that person brought to their lives.

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