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Using Photos in your Funeral Order of Service

Printing Funeral Orders of Service for 25 years we have seen fashions change increasingly quickly.

Whilst those change were slow in the beginning it’s only in the last few years that technology has been a huge influencer on fashion.

One of the most profound shifts we have witnessed in printing Funeral Orders of Service in recent years has been the desire of bereaved families to make service books more of a celebration of the life of a loved one.

Where Memorial Booklets were once little more than name, rank and serial number efforts which were uniformly similar for all ages and genders technology has allowed families a choice never seen before.

One of the most popular requests today is a wish to include photos of a loved one in their Funeral Order of Service booklet. This wish extends way beyond having a small photo on the front or back cover – they want something far more special than that.

Which is why, when we took our Funeral Stationery range online some six years ago, we introduced the concept of photo-pages. Various photo page layouts allow families to upload as many photos of their loved one and other memorable moments in their life as they wish.

By a huge margin the single most popular template has been the 9-photo montage which is used on well over half of all the Funeral Order of Service booklets we print.

Taking this to the next level we have brought out a new photo-montage cover design in our Classic Range and a completely new range of unique photo-page layouts in our Avant Garde range of Funeral Order of Service booklets.

If you would like help or advice on any aspect of Funeral Stationery please get in touch and we’ll be delighted to help.

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