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Top Tips For Helping Friends & Family After You’ve Gone

Top Tips For Helping Friends & Family After You’ve Gone

Of course no one likes to think about their own death and how life will go on after you’re no longer here – but it does pay to be as prepared as you can, mainly to help your friends and family after you’ve gone.

This will already be a very emotional and upsetting time, but it’s often compounded by the fact that people may not know what your wishes are, or where you keep bank details, passwords and that sort of thing. Being organised before you die can really help make all the difference to your loved ones once you’ve passed on.

Writing a will is a must, as this will make sure the right people will inherit from you. You need to keep this up to date if possible, particularly for cohabiting couples as there is no automatic inheritance for the estate if there isn’t a will in place.

Providing details of personal information is a good idea, so think about putting all of the important facts you think people will need to know about in one document, thus removing any stress of having to find these themselves.

Once all this has been done, don’t forget to tell your family and friends where you’re keeping this information, that you’ve got a will and that you know how you want your funeral to go. It will make all the difference for those going through the grieving process if you’re proactive about your death – even long before you go.

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