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Funeral Announcement Cards

Funeral Announcement Cards

Do I need them and how will they help me organise the funeral?

The time between a loved on passing away and the funeral service in the UK is typically around seven to fourteen days.

So, trying to find time to organise countless different tasks whilst suffering the shock of an emotional loss can be extremely draining.

The Funeral Director will have to be contacted, so too will the local Registrar and a whole host of other tasks attended to. But before all this, you will be busy contacting immediate family and close friends to let them know of your loss.

Within days, plans will have firmed up and a date and venue for the funeral service will have been arranged and you will need to get in touch with people all over again to let them know what these arrangements are.

And this is where Funeral Announcement Cards come in.

With the availability of specialist funeral stationery suppliers and online ordering Death Announcement Cards can be put together and ordered very quickly. Typically, a specialised supplier should be able to print and deliver your order within 24 hours.

These Announcement cards will carry only as much detail that you wish to pass on to family and friends as well as friends and colleagues of the deceased.

Typically, they will A6 or Postcard size so space is at a premium. But there is no reason for the Death Announcement Cards not to have space for a treasured photo of your loved one along with all the important details of the funeral service. Where it is to be held, the time and date of the service along with details of any gathering following the service to allow friends and acquaintances an opportunity to share their very personal memories.

It is also usual to mention what the family’s wishes are in relation to donations in memory of the deceased, the intended cause and how donations can be made.

One detail which should definitely be included is a Dress Code.

Funeral services in the UK are changing, and many families wish them to be just as much a celebration of a loved one’s life as it is to mourn their passing. So, it is not uncommon for Death Announcement Cards to request that mourners wear something colourful and uplifting rather than tradition black funeral attire.

In short, you should feel free to add as much or as little detail to the announcement cards as you wish. Having them printed up and supplied with good quality envelopes can be a huge time saver – especially if you have a sizeable number of people to contact.

Whilst very close family and friends will be aware of the Funeral Service details, those further afield may not be.

It’s a common mistake to think that Funeral Announcement Cards are only useful for large services. But the time taken to contact just 30 or 40 individuals to let them know of your loss and the funeral arrangements can run in to many hours – precious time you may not have at such a busy and emotionally tough time.

This blog has been brought to you by Funeral Stationery 4U and if you are looking for help to create beautiful and uplifting Funeral Announcement Cards, please don’t hesitate to get in touch. It’s what we do.

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