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Don’t … take your Passwords to the Grave!

Dropping another item in to our Amazon basket, logging in to check our bank balance or paying that overdue Utility bill – all seem such everyday activities we hardly think about them.

But we should!

Every single one of these activities requires us to remember a password before we can conduct so much of our digitally controlled lives. To such an extent we barely give it more thought than switching on the kettle for another cup of tea.

Whilst many of our favourite websites allow us to save our passwords for a smooth and speedy login the most important of them do not.

And once we’ve passed away it’s a pretty safe bet that someone will need access to your passwords so it’s extremely wise to make a plan which you are comfortable with before it’s too late.

Keeping a safe and secure copy of your passwords should be as common as making a Will. But few of us stop to consider the extreme distress and anxiety of our loved ones as they deal with the numbing grief of your passing and … find themselves confronting the immoveable force of officialdom as they attempt to transact essential day to day business hidden behind a carefully chosen password.

Whilst the less scrupulous sections of humanity make it their life’s work to hack in to our most private details the vast majority of us simply do not have the time or inclination to even make the most cursory attempt. Even if we knew where to start.

So, what should we do?

Well, here are some useful steps:

At the very least, draw up a list of all your password protected accounts along with all your up to date login details.

Apart from the usual suspects such as Bank and Building Society accounts don’t forget clubs and societies – especially if annual subscriptions are involved.

At its very simplest, such a list should be safely locked away. In a safe deposit box, perhaps or … even with your solicitor to keep along with a copy of your Last Will & Testament. However you arrange to keep your online login credentials they should be safe and secure and … someone you know and trust should be aware of how these details can be obtained after your passing.

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